Action On - The UK's First Bailiff Relief Charity

Action is a charity devoted to helping people in poverty as a result of being in debt.

Action On CIO

Action On is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.   This is a legal entity for non-profit organisations in the UK.

The object of the CIO is to prevent or relieve poverty amongst persons who are in debt (in the United Kingdom) by:

  • (1) the provision of advice to assist such persons to re-schedule and re-finance their borrowings;
  • (2) the provision of financial education to enable such persons to manage their finances more effectively;
  • (3)  the establishment and support of counselling centres to which persons may resort for advice on debt matters generally;
  • (4) the establishment of an insolvency practice to which such persons may resort as an alternative solution to debt problems; and
  • (5) the establishment of such other services or products for the public benefit to assist in the relief of poverty.

We also aim to advance the education of the public (in the United Kingdom) in general (and particularly amongst persons in debt or at risk of falling into debt) in particular about the rights, powers and methods of operation employed by enforcement agents.

Contacting Us For Help and Advice

We operate a call center of professional debt and enforcement officer advisors.  You can call us at any time for free help and advice or just for someone to talk to.  Our team are very friendly and helpful and can give advice on a wide range of issues relating to debt problems and enforcement officers.

To speak to us about a debt problem or an enforcement officer please call us on 01872 248570 or us the 'Free Call Back' form on this page.

If you would like to speak to Action On about a different matter or would like to contact the charity's board of trustees please use the contact us page.